"Used to have nothing & now I have everything..."

Has Everything & Co. was born when a play on words and abundance mindset came together.

Sylvia HadNot has come to know herself as Sylvia HasEverything.

What started as a joke, "Hadnot is past tense because I used to have nothing and now I have everything," grew into embodying a mindset that there is plenty for everyone as long as we engage with each other and with Earth's resources sustainably.

"Hadnot is past tense because I used to have nothing and now I have everything."

At Has Everything Consulting, the intention is that clients feel like they have everything they need and want to build communities, systems and organizations that center humanity and move toward liberation. Sylvia works with clients through analyzing imbalanced power structures, mentoring leaders to center liberation, individualized learning experiences, and guiding organizational development processes. Sylvia knows that achieving our dreams of liberation for all is just on the other side of implementing systems that center shared power, access and leadership development.

Has Everything & Co. is here to remind you that the purpose of being human is to be human! And that's on brain science.

Human in the way we are. Human in the way we lead. Human in the way we live.

At Has Everything & Co., we make the imaginary manifest by using concrete tools to bring dreams alive as we implement projects, build sustainable systems and grow communities together.