For The People

Northwest Center

United Student Leaders

Thurston County ECONet

"The tools Sylvia introduced us to have been extremely effective for identifying problems & solutions to those problems collaboratively. They are definitely a power-sharing tools which, I feel, very adeptly distribute operational managerial power to all staff members equally. Staff now have a very equal and safe space to talk about their needs to their supervisor and fellow co-workers. This builds cohesion and a positive work environment that is predicated on all of us helping and supporting each other however we can."

E3 Washington

Whatcom County Coalition

Mt. Rainier National Park

Central District Community Preservation Association

"I loved having Sylvia as an instructor; she was knowledgable, warm, and always well-prepared with prompts and activities. Great balance of using time efficiently while providing space for heavy topics. My favorite part of Sylvia's teaching is the 'hands-on' learning she brings to the work."

Friends of Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands

Kent Public Schools

Tobacco Free America

MENTOR Washington