WaNPA Keynote: Rooting Our Way in the Garden of Our Community

What would it mean to exist in a society where young people are not only protected, but supported to become fulfilled and agential human beings? Explore with me how we as adults can build and sustain a community that creates safe opportunities for young people to learn agency and advocacy for themselves. I invite you to join me as a protector and facilitator of early childhood freedom and the beginnings of self-determination.

Recentering Care in Our Work

Lately, I have been very inspired by trees and mushrooms. In old growth forests, mushrooms maintain relationships with each other and many other species growing in the forest. These relationships are centered around care. The fungi you see on a hike are connected to each other and the species around them through networks called mycorrhizae. These connections are the information sharing system that the forest uses to thrive. When I envision the work of E3 Washington, I like to think of a network quite the same. 

More on the E3 Washington website. 

Systems for Sustainability

Four-part learning series. Available by request to members of the Thurston County Eco-Net.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Panel