and the G stands for


Multicultural Educator. Artist. Systems Thinker. Collaborator. Speaker. Do-er.

"Hadnot is past tense because I used to have nothing and now I Have Everything."

Sylvia is a multicultural educator, artist, systems thinker, thoughtful collaborator, a do-er and a unique and effective leader. With a Master's in Education focused on Anti-Racist and Urban Environmental Education, Sylvia brings both traditional academic background and real-world experience into her work.

Perpetually interested in growth and freedom, Sylvia has strived to be an educator since age 5. With several years of classroom teaching, community organizing, and organizational leadership experience, Sylvia brings a wide variety of knowledge, skills, and talents to her work with diverse clients of a broad range of ages. Sylvia is passionate about supporting adults with creating and maintaining the systems they need to build more liberated, powerful, and agential individuals and community members.

Though we are on the precipice of climate & habitat disaster, Sylvia believes that our position on Earth is salvageable if only we learn to work together for collaborative success and protection of ourselves and Earth’s ecosystems.