and the G stands for


Creator. Storyteller. Future Builder.

Multicultural Educator. Artist. Systems Thinker. Collaborator. Do-er. 

"Hadnot is past tense because I used to have nothing and now I Have Everything."

Welcome to the Has Everything & Co. universe, constellation of projects directed and produced by Sylvia Hadnot, aka Sylvia Has Everything. Sylvia is a multicultural educator, artist, systems thinker, storyteller, thoughtful collaborator, a do-er and a unique and effective leader. With a lifetime of adventure under her belt, and a Master's in Education focused on Anti-Racist and Urban Environmental Education, Sylvia brings both traditional academic background and real-world experience into her work. 

Sylvia believes we have everything we need to build more liberated, powerful, and agential individuals and communities. We just need to remember and celebrate ancient ways of being that are as cellular to us as earthlings as they are to the birds, bees, flowers and trees. Part of that remembering is practicing ways of being founded on natural & indigenous cultures because those cultures still center being a responsible and reciprocal member of ecosystems. This practice is resistence to cultures of domination, and it is the way we evolve at Has Everything & Co. 

Though we are on the precipice of climate & habitat disaster, Sylvia believes that our position on Earth is salvageable if only we remember how to work together for collaborative success and protection of ourselves and Earth’s ecosystems. 

"Used to have nothing & now I have everything..." 

Has Everything & Co. was born when a play on words and abundance mindset came together. 

Sylvia HadNot has come to know herself as Sylvia HasEverything. 

What started as a joke, "Hadnot is past tense because I used to have nothing and now I have everything," grew into embodying a mindset that there is plenty for everyone as long as we engage with each other and with Earth's resources sustainably. 

"Hadnot is past tense because I used to have nothing and now I have everything." 

At Has Everything & Co., we're guided by our values of love, beauty, power and community. Those are our compass, and we believe they exist in abundance. We invite you to join us on our journey of transforming and elevating so we can embody those values more fully day by day. 

Alongside countless others doing t h e  w o r k, we accomplish our portion through c r a f t i n g  t h e  s t o r i e s  and e x p e r i e n c e s  that become our m y t h o l o g i e s

At Has Everything & Co., we believe in and practice embodying love by protecting and uplifting cultures that prioritize reciprocity, interconnectedness, and personal and community power. As master storytellers and curators guided by the wisdom of Earth's natural and indigenous systems, we're here to help you create and narrate experiences that infuse the mythology of your brand with the cultural values you uphold. 

This is more than project management, marketing or event coordinating. Together, we craft the mark we leave on the world with intention by creating and sharing impeccable stories about our revolutionary lives. Together, we can make sure our (re)marks leave the world better than we found it. 

If your brand, organization or agency is in the business of cultural impact, remembering, evolution and celebration, Has Everything & Co. is here to collaborate with you on designing and celebrating your story through services like strategic design, marketing consulting, social media content strategy, grant-writing, media asset development, professional development and event and space curation. 

What makes Has Everything & Co. stand out? Sylvia, the founder and lead consultant, is a master of listening to clients, synthesizing your ideas and crafting a cohesive product. Whether the product is web-based or social media content, a successful grant to new funders, or an event culminating and celebrating your work, Sylvia excels at communicating values through vibrations in writing, imagery and curation of spaces and experiences.